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We present you the world most complete range of snorkeling full-face masks.
Patented and EN136 / EN250 tested, to grant you the highest safety and the most fun!



The evolution of full-face masks for snorkeling.

Natural breathing through your mouth and nose, with the lowest breathing effort in its category. Completely separate circuits for fresh air (IN) and exhaled air (OUT). Exhaled air is expelled through a SEAC patented exhaust circuit. 
Anti-fogging system guaranteed by the continuous flow of incoming air. One-way valves with a larger cross section for effortless exhalation and effective expulsion of residual CO2.

The smaller internal volume offers an even broader field of vision and an optimization of residual CO2. A large anatomical hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt with a shape designed to adapt to every kind of facial contour ensures the very best seal, safety, and comfort. 
The snorkel features a Dry Top to prevent water from entering the tube. Effective water elimination system uses a purge valve at the bottom.
Silicone strap with co-molded colored insert. Two ways to adjust the strap, both in front and in the lower section. Quick-release buckles to release the strap instantly.




The very best of the SEAC full-face line:
Reduced internal volume -  Skirt in hypoallergenic silicone
Upper and lower adjustment of the silicone strap and quick-release button
Available in sizes L/XL, S/M designed for narrower faces and XS/S for kids (+10)




...Let's have a chat about SAFETY

A feeling of fatigue and a build-up of CO2 in the respiratory system can lead to potentially serious consequences, even during low-impact physical activities like snorkeling. That’s why SEAC abides by two fundamental principles in designing its full-face snorkeling masks:
the user should need to employ the least possible breathing effortcomparable to natural breathing, out of the water and in a relaxing situation;
and the level of residual carbon dioxide CO2 inside the skirt while inhaling must be well below the safety limits.


Even though there is no specific European regulation governing the manufacture of full-face snorkeling masks, SEAC® has developed a series of specific tests that comply with the values set forth by the following European regulations:
EN 1972:2015 establishes the requirements for the design and manufacture of snorkel tubes, limited to breathing effort;
EN 16805:2015 establishes the requirements for the design and manufacture of dive masks;
EN 136:2000 establishes the minimum requirements for the manufacture of full-face respiratory protection masks, limited to tests checking the CO2 in inhaled air;
EN 250:2014 regarding open-circuit compressed-air self-contained breathing apparatus and its components, limited to tests checking the CO2 in inhaled air.

In the SEAC labs, batches of full-face masks are tested with Ansti machines, specifically to measure the dynamic performance of human breathing, and with proprietary SEAC equipment to check levels of CO2 in the air inhaled through the masks. All this makes it possible for us to offer the end user the best possible snorkeling experience, in complete safety, because with SEAC® full-face masks, having fun is as natural as breathing!








  • Model: SEACL
  • Manufactured by: SEAC